Built-In Wireless Charging


PowerSquare offers custom solutions to manufacturers and businesses to provide built-in wireless charging pads in tables, countertops, desks, furniture, and other non-metallic surfaces. Your customers or employees simply lay their Qi-compatible phones and mobile devices on our elegantly styled charging pad to power up – no wire required. The possibilities for this technology are endless.

We can place wireless charging pads in:

  • Conference tables
  • Desks and work stations
  • Tables in restaurants, coffee shops and waiting areas
  • Bar tops
  • Corporate boxes and luxury boxes in stadiums
  • Furniture designed for the home
  • Nearly any non-metallic surface

Think of how this convenience for your customers will differentiate you from your competitors. Think of how it will improve employee satisfaction in your workplace. Built-in wireless charging pads can also increase the length of time customers spend at your business and the dollars they spend, as they wait for their phones to charge.

The engineers and designers at PowerSquare will work closely with you to customize an elegantly designed, built-in, wireless charging solution for your business or organization. Contact us today to discuss your ideas.