Wireless Phone Charging in Cars and Trucks

PowerSquare develops in-car charging solutions for Qi-compatible mobile phones and mobile devices. Our cutting-edge technology allows drivers and passengers to simply place their cell phones or tablets wherever the charging pad is installed to power up their devices – no wire required. Our multi-coil, patented technology means there’s no “sweet spot” for the phones – users lay their devices anywhere on the pad and charging begins. The wireless charging pad can be installed in the auto’s console, glove box, tray under the dashboard, or area of your choice.

One of the most common places where consumers use their phone chargers is inside their vehicle. As drivers and consumers use various apps for navigations and in-car entertainment, there is a high risk of the phone battery being drained during the journey. This problem will soon be a thing of the past as in-car wireless charging is being adopted by many car manufacturers.

PowerSquare has developed customized solutions for OEMs and ODMs to embed wireless charging technology in their vehicles. The PowerSquare in-car wireless charging solutions enable drivers and passengers to simply place their Qi-compatible device on the designated space to initiate charging – no messy cords or tangled wires required.


  • 3 coil design provides position-free experience
  • WPC standard Qi V 12 compatible
  • Up to 70% maximum power transfer efficiency
  • Supports phones with full 5W and 15W receiving capability
  • Protection against over voltage, over current and over temperature
  • Supports 9V-16V input voltage (vehicle supply)
  • Automotive AECQ qualified
  • Optional CAN/LIN peripheral interface – display pictograph on car MID, turn on charger after ignition
  • Optional NFC or proximity detection to detect presence of phone for smart turn on
  • Charging, standby, sleep and shutdown operating modes
  • Enhanced Foreign Object Detection (FOD) – detects objects before power transfer
  • Customized charging status LED and sound indicator
  • Fully customized per OEM’s requirement to meet Automotive EMI/EMC standards

At PowerSquare, we offer customized design consulting services from concept to mass production for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODM), for installation on new models.

If you’re an OEM or ODM, or a consumer seeking a custom-designed wireless charging solution, please contact us to discuss your requirements.