All of us are accustomed with the issues of tangling of wires while charging our smartphones on the go. This issue of wired charging is resolved by Wireless Charging.

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Wireless Charging is one of the latest technology based on inductive coupling, where the energy transfer takes place from the transmitter coil (in the automobile wireless transmitter) to the receiver coil placed in the user’s device (smartphone/tablet).

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Wireless Charging of our smartphones in automobiles provides an ease of convenience wherein, the wires with adaptors are wiped off and instead a wireless charger module is placed upon which the smartphone to be charged is placed and charged fully at a rate comparable to most plug-in chargers.

Benefits of PowerSquare’s Qi Wireless Charger are:

  • Convenience and simplicity: High efficiency, seamless, effortless, no tangling of wires and hence no disturbance/ distraction while driving.
  • Interior design flexibility: No sweet spot as its as Adaptive Position Free enabled.
  • Safe and Reliable: Meets industry safety guidelines from FCC.
  • Automotive EMC/ RFI performance
  • Minimum power consumption at No Load.
  • Over temperature protection
  • OEM specifications compliant

Applications :-

PowerSquare’s Automotive Qi Wireless Charger can be used in all ground transportation vehicles to recharge most consumer electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Click here to know if your smartphone/tablet is Qi enabled or what it needs to accomplish wireless charging.

PowerSquare’s Qi* compatible automotive wireless charger provides convenience during driving your car. This Wireless Qi Charger keeps your devices fully charged while driving across the city roads, expressways or countryside thus helps you to stay connected always on the go. Just place your smartphone on the transmitter pad and enjoy seamless wireless charging once you are driving your car.

* Qi is an interface standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) for inductive charging over distances of up to 4cm (1.6 inches). PowerSquare is a member of the Wireless Power Consortium, the global organization striving to make Qi the worldwide standard for wireless charging.

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