What is wireless charging?

Wireless charging, also known as inductive or resonant charging is a way to charge your smart phone, accessory or other compatible device by placing it on a wireless charging device (hereafter referred to as TANGO). It eliminates the need for charging cables. Learn more at

How does wireless charging work?

Wireless charging is based on the principle of magnetic resonance or inductive power transfer. The technology requires two coils: a receiver coil embedded in your device and a transmitter coil in the wireless charging device. An alternating current is passed through the transmitter coil, generating a magnetic field. This in turn induces a voltage in the receiver coil that powers a mobile device or charges a battery. Learn more at

If my device is able to charge wirelessly, can I still use a cable/wire to charge it?

Yes, you can still use a cable to charge, provided it is compatible with your device.

What Qi stands for?

Qi (pronounced “chee”) is an interface standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) for inductive electrical power transfer.


Is TANGO compatible with Qi-compliant devices?

Yes, TANGO is compatible with Qi-compliant devices.

How to use my TANGO? Do I need to buy something else to make it work?

Please refer Tango user manual which came along with the packaging. If your device isn’t wireless charging enabled, then you should buy a Qi-Compliant Receiver to charge your device on TANGO.

How can TANGO benefit me?

TANGO has many following benefits:

  • Simple to use & eliminates clutter – Charge up your smart phone battery by placing it on TANGO. Charge your device without wires that can get tangled and confusing.
  • Globally adopted – Many mobile devices in the global market support Qi (Chee) wireless charging. This global ecosystem will grow as more and more devices and consumer electronics incorporate wireless charging.
  • One place to charge two mobiles simultaneously – TANGO can charge two Qi- compliant mobiles simultaneously.

When I'm using TANGO, how do I know if my device is charging?

You will know if wireless charging properly initiates if you see a charging pop-up that shows along with a sound that plays on the device. TANGO indicates charging by a glowing LED (as shown in Fig.2) at bottom. There should be a notification or indicator on your phone to let you know it’s charging. If a notification doesn’t pop up, check the battery symbol at the top of your device’s screen to see if it indicates that it’s charging.

Which of the phones available in the market can be charged using TANGO?

Please see following link for Qi certified mobile phones or cases/back covers, all of which can be charged on TANGO.

My device is placed on TANGO in horizontal position; neither my device indicates charging nor the LED turns ON. Why?

First confirm if your device is Qi-compliant. If yes, check if the adapter is plugged-in. If yes, then remove your device and place it back on TANGO.

Mobile placed in horizontal position partially outside the charging area of TANGO. LED blinks continuously and mobile doesn’t charge. Why?

Please refer guideline #4 & #6 and the image shown below

Mobile placed in angular position vertically with major portion of the mobile outside the charging area of TANGO. Either LED doesn’t blink or blinks continuously, wherein the mobile doesn’t charge. Why?

Please refer guideline #5 & #6.

Two mobiles placed with one mobile charging and other not. LED blinks continuously. Why?

Please refer guideline #5 & #6 and the image shown below

After charging continuously the TANGO LED turns OFF thereby not charging my phone. Why?

The phone is fully charged.

While my phone is charging with wire and then placed on TANGO, what will happen then?

The charging priority (i.e. wired or wireless) is decided by the phone manufacturer.

My phone and TANGO’s charging area gets warm. Is this normal?

It’s normal for the phone and TANGO’s charging area to get warm while wirelessly charging. Once the phone is removed or charging is complete, Tango’s surface and phone will return to room temperature.

How long will it normally take to complete a full charge using TANGO?

In general it would take three-four hours (depending upon device battery capacity) for the battery to be fully charged using TANGO.

Can I operate my device while charging wirelessly?

Yes, you can operate your device while charging wirelessly.

Will TANGO charge Moto 360 or Apple Watch or any smart watch?

TANGO will charge all Qi compliant devices. Moto 360 and Apple watch are not Qi compliant. Hence the performance of TANGO could be limited while charging these devices.


  • Always make sure the Tango wireless charger is powered.
  • Always make sure your device has built-in or its case/sleeve is Qi wireless charging compliant.
  • Always make sure that the pad is free from foreign (i.e. dust, metallic objects, etc.) objects.
  • Always keep your device within the charging surface (top colored surface), when placed on pad in HORIZONTAL position.
  • Always make sure to keep device/s centre within the charging surface, when placed on pad in VERTICAL position.
  • Whenever the LED blinks continuously unplug the power cord; plug it back and replace the device. If LED still continues to fast blink,please contact


Is it compatible with all the phones?

Yes, it is compatible with any phone with micro-USB charger port.

Is it compatible with A4WP Wireless Transmitter?

No. This Universal Wireless Receiver works with only Qi (Chee) Compatible Transmitter.

Will it work with iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, etc.?

No, it will work with ONLY micro-USB connector.

Is the receiver hard to unplug when in the micro USB port? How strong is the wire/cord?

The receiver is pretty easy to unplug when in the micro USB port. The cord is pretty strong but if you don’t have a case or a case where the cord is exposed, it looks like it would be pretty easy to damage the cord.

Does this device fit inside the case?

This Universal Wireless Receiver should fit inside a case but don’t plan on trying to unplug it to plug in a regular charger without taking the case off. It breaks easily unless you leave it plugged in all the time.

Can I use it for tablets which are not Wireless Charging enabled?

Technically it is possible to charge tablets wirelessly using this Universal Wireless Receiver however its output current is 600mA and thus it is not advisable to use, as it may take a lot of time to charge.

Does the location of micro USB port matter?

Yes, they have different configurations for different phone types, depending on where the power outlet is and its orientation. Some are wide side up; Some are wired side down. Some are in the centre; others are left or right.

Are there any issues charging wirelessly with a thick case?

No there are no issues charging wirelessly with a thick case as this receiver has the capability to transfer power over a maximum distance of 7mm.

Can you still use the wireless charging if your micro USB port doesn’t work?

No, because Universal Wireless Receiver plugs directly into your micro USB plug.

Could this theoretically be used for anything that charges on micro USB?

Yes you can use it for any device that charges via micro USB provided the transmitter is Qi Compatible.


  • Product Model: T300CM
  • Output: DC-5V / 0.6A; Receiving distance: 5-7mm; Efficiency: 600mAh≥80%
  • Standard: WPC; Working frequency: 110-205KHz; Certificate: CE FCC
  • Housing Painting and Package: Customized
  • Main function: Wireless Charger Receiver
  • Charging method: one to one on corresponding area
  • Type of application: this product applies for all Qi standard transmitter
  • Charging way: Magnetic Induction


Is this case “mfi” certified?

Yes this case is “mfi” certified.

Will this case work on any type of wireless transmitter?

No. This case works ONLY on Qi (Chee) Compatible Transmitters.

Is the charging time much slower than it is via the lightning cable?

This Receiver Case charges at 1A with an appropriate Qi compatible transmitter. With an original lightning cable, the phone will also charge with 1A. Thus there is no difference wrt the charging time between wired (lightning cable) and wireless charging (Wireless Receiver Case).

Can I still charge my iPhone 6/6s the old fashioned way using a cable?

The iPhone case comes with a micro USB cable to charge the phone without removing the case.

How many colors are available for this receiver case?

There are two colors available: black and white.