Who We Are

Accelerating Innovation with Collaboration

We are a team of multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary technology enthusiasts turning our client’s dreams into reality. We design experiences for our clients at the intersection of Hardware, Software and Human Interfaces

What we do

We are passionate about wireless power and consumer electronics and work closely with our partners to:

Product Strategy

We devise product strategies keeping combining client’s business goals with technology while ensuring user experience at the fore front.

Product Design

Simplicity, elegance and usability are our core design values that resonate in our products and designs that we develop for our clients.

Technology Development

We work with the latest technologies across disciplines and innovate as needed to develop a truly world class solution for our clients.

Mass Production

Focus on what you do best. Allow us to handle your entire hardware manufacturing process from prototype to mass production.


Two at Once in any position is always a good thing.”


“It’s the height of convenience to just set your phone down and know that it will charge.”

– IPhoneLife Magazine

“..this pad is both more premium and more convenient than just about anything else on the market.”

– Android Police

Vendors and Partners